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AFOP® Group Workout

The Group therapy is indicated for people who suffer from an Obsessive Disorder or Anxiety and want to confront their OCD in a radical and conclusive way, in order to get a head start in their curing process.

It is also suited to those people who would like to overcome personal obstacles, shyness, difficulties in communication, social interactions, speaking in public or those who want to overcome the fears and anxiety that are currently making it difficult for them to advance either professionally or socially.

The program is based on the theory and application of the AFOP® (Activación y Focalización Pulsional; Drive Activation and Focalization) Method, developed by Damián Ruiz, the director of IPITIA, International Psychological Institute of Barcelona. Those who suffer from an obsessive disorder often refer to the sensation of living “in a prison”, the prison of the mind. Passion, spontaneity, decision making, firmness, eroticism, sensuality, concentration and enjoying the present moment are some of the elements that tend to disappear considerably in the life of a person who suffers from OCD.

To recuperate the connection with these elements is not just a metaphor. Actually it requires real change on a biochemical level in the central nervous system. The goal of this intensive group workout is to reach a turning point in your treatment process, since this is a necessary step in overcoming OCD.

How does it work?

We work in groups of minimum 5 people both inside and outside. Some exercises will be inside a soundproof room, and others outside activities which use the city of Barcelona as a medium to overcome fears and blockages that are currently causing OCD symptoms. There will be both group and individual exercises which are always voluntary. The participant can decide if they want to do the exercise in every moment.

We will use techniques which originate from bioenergetics, drama therapy, symbolic exercises, and many other which have been specifically developed for this purpose by the team of IPITIA. Our goal is to reach a complete level of congruence in every participant.

These activities are a distinguished feature of the AFOP® therapy. They are also a fundamental element in therapy which accelerates the process of overcoming fears, difficulties and inhibitions, which were identified during therapy as the cause of their OCD symptoms.

Who leads the workout?

The workshop is lead and supervised at all times by two psychologists of IPITIA, who are specialized in the AFOP® method.

What should I wear?

You can bring comfortable street- or sportswear which allows you to move around freely.

Why should I participate?

Because to learn how to face your fears is a necessary step in the healing process of OCD, and during these two days the therapist will continuously create opportunities to do so and will guide you in the process. This is where patients face their fears and inhibitions in a different and innovative way. It is a warm environment, yet intense; which complements the work in therapy in an ideal way and accelerates patients’ healing progress.

Our efficacy lies in the overcoming of vital fears which cause OCD in the first place, like inhibitions, repressing emotions and instincts, embarrassment, fear of conflicts, fear to fight, and fear of transgressing.

In order to overcome specific problems you have to be brave, you have to face your own fears, the unknown. You have to be able to get out of your comfort zone, and break with rigid norms, the choking morale (which is something different than ethics), the excessive dependency, the submission, and the desperateness.

When can I assist?

Two ways:

Group therapy Wednesday to Sunday

27 hours ( 5 hours and a half / day). Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays patients will have 1 hour of individual session each.

Group therapy Saturday and Sunday

12 hours. 8 hours on Saturday in a soundproofed room with an scenario and a lunch break. 4 hours on Sunday around Barcelona city.

93 528 23 53

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