Marco De Colle

Clinical Psychologist

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Schio (Vicenza-Italy)

I am Marco De Colle, clinical psychologist, and I am 36 years old.
My studies in psychology have always been very intertwined to my life path, since being a psychologist in my opinion necessarily entails a strong and constant search on a personal level. People begin to suffer when, for one reason or another, they move away from their essence, so that, in order to help others, I consider it essential to continue striving to be faithful to mine.

After graduating in Psychology from the University of Milan (UCSC) in 2004 I believed that my life experience was still too small to be able to devote myself to clinical psychology. So, after working for a few months in Paris in a project of cultural integration of a company, I got a Specialist Degree in Marketing and Organizational Psychology (2007), I moved to Barcelona and started to work on it, which today Day allows me to continue being professor of IED, Istituto Europeo de Disign. During those years I lived in Canada, working in Australia and traveling in Asia, but always returned to Barcelona, ​​the city with which I felt the greatest affinity.

When I felt that it was the moment I came back to my passion, that is to work with the people, and in a few years I obtained a Postgraduate in Neuropsychology and a Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology, besides conducting specific formations in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Mindfulness applied to Clinical Disorders. Meanwhile, I was working as an autonomous psychologist, as a neuropsychologist at the Catalan Association of Cranioencephalic Trauma and as a group therapist at the Association of Bipolar Disorder in Catalonia.

It was in 2014 that I was fortunate enough to meet Damián Ruíz, to train in AFOP, the methodology developed by him, specific to TOC and Anxiety, and to start working on IPITIA, an exciting project that motivates me every day, mainly due to Excellent therapeutic results that we are getting as a team. Beyond my training and my work experiences, I think what defines me most as a psychologist is my concern for the discovery: in the same way that I felt the motivation to search within me through travel, meditation and Of a long bioenergetic analysis, whenever I have a patient in front of me I feel a strong motivation to discover its essence and help to strip it of the fears that prevent it from manifesting itself in its fullness, and thus walk towards the release of anxiety and its obsessive symptoms.

Training in Psychology

  • Mindfulness in practice Clinical: Advanced Training for Therapists, AEMIND, Barcelona.
  • Master in Clinical and Health Psychology, ISEP Barcelona.
  • Degree Specialist in Psychology of Organizations and Marketing, UCSC, Milan.
  • EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprecessing (specific for post-traumatic stress), EMDR Europe.
  • Postgraduate in Clinical Neuropsychology, ISEP Barcelona.
  • Degree in Psychology, UCSC, Milan.

Cultural Hobbies

  • Travel is one of the things that make me feel alive: every time I have time I catch a plane ticket and go somewhere. I have been fortunate to have been in many places, far and near, and I have no intention of stopping.
  • I meditate whenever I can: meditation helps to live in the present and to fully become aware of what we have before, so each moment becomes unique.
  • I like reading a lot, both essays and novels. Dumás, Houellebecq, Murakami, Hornby, Castañeda, Jodorowsky and Medina Reyes are my favorite authors.
  • I love cooking and discovering new restaurants: taking the time to enjoy a good meal is one of the pleasures of life that accompany me frequently.
  • I like sports and above all how it makes me feel, from there I go practicing a little of everything (soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, boxing, diving, kite surfing …)
  • Music is an important part of my life: I do not know how to resist a good concert or a festival that brings together my favorite artists. I enjoy playing guitar and ukulele, although, I have to admit, I should improve those skills…


  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • English
  • Catalan


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