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(+34) 935 282 353

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At IPITIA we want to help you solve those problems that prevent you from being who you really are. If you are interested in starting therapy with one of our specialists fill out the following form. Tell us briefly the reason for your inquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to work together in a solution.

To heal, to cure, to free from suffering is my only purpose and the only purpose of the center I lead.

Damián Ruiz

In IPITIA we work daily with obsessive disorders, allowing us to be more and more specific in the individuation of its causes.

Marco De Colle

We specialize in treating OCD, our AFOP® method offers true healing in 80% of cases.

Lisette Zeeuw

Awareness to start the battle is not an easy solution but it is necessary to be free.

Sergio Lara

Discover the methodology with the greater degree of therapeutic effectiveness

A new way of treating Obsessive and Anxiety Disorders, fruit of years of research and practice.