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DAMIÁN RUIZClinical Psychologist
Director of IPITIA
Jungian Analyst (IAAP)

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In April 2014 we founded IPITIA (Institut Psicològic Internacional de Barcelona) in 2014, after 20+ years of professional experience and education (see CV). 

The project of IPITIA is a project that was conceived with the clear idea and goal of helping people with obsessive disorders, anxiety and other severe problems within the spectrum of clinical psychology. These are the problems I’ve specialized in and which I’ve previously investigated over the years until I’ve discovered, through my professional experience, some of the key concepts in their curing process with which we have helped and are still helping many people.

The method I’ve developed, the AFOP method, acronym of Activación y Focalización Pulsional (Drive, Activation and Focalization), is an integrative synthesis of several theoretical approaches in psychology, starting with Jung’s viewpoint on the unconscious, passing through the bio-psycho-social theory of Millon, the study of animal behavior, specifically primates, as well as elements from bio-energetics of Lowen. The method therefore is firmly based in a theoretic and practical framework, and is built on rational, logical concepts which don’t require patients to take a leap of faith.

On the other hand; despite the fact that I’m very much interested in biology, neuro-psychology and immunology, I have to admit that I’m not much of scientific thinker. That is, my thoughts are not so much based in statistics as in rational thoughts, such as the ones which are developed in the psycho-analytical or humanistic theories. What I want to say is that I belief patients should find that they are improving through the sessions that they’re doing, and they shouldn’t have to wait very long to see that the therapeutical work we’re doing is beneficial to them.

Actually, now that we’re slowly becoming the first option in treatment for many people who are looking for treatment for their OCD, -many of our clients previously went through  years of the most widely applied-, we feel very responsible of the hope and expectations our clients confide us with. And even though we’re not infallible, there are some resistant cases, in some other cases we only reach some improvements- we’ve helped many people to overcome their obsessive disorder completely or to a point in which is has reduced significantly (even in clients who were suffering from the disorder for more than one or two decades), so that they can live their life the way they want to. This is what allows us to say that OCD can be cured. On the other hand we have found, through a continuous evaluation with psychological tests and self-evaluation forms, that the majority of our clients improves significantly.

And we keep on investigating severe psychological problems with a lot of interest in order to obtain practical and theoretical key concepts that can help us to find even more effective solutions for all the people who confide in us. 

We define our methodology AFOP as an analytical-experiential method. This is due to the fact that it is characterized in the first place by a diagnostic phase, in which we engage in a profound anamnesis as well as a thorough investigation into what has caused the disorder. In the second place it is characterized by a experiential phase, in which we activate the client en lead him through a series of experiences and exercises that lead the client to position themselves more in life, to become more secure and assertive and to become stronger facing the two main fears in OCD: fear and guilt.

We strive to free people who have an obsessive disorder, anxiety, or any other serious psychological problem from their suffering. This is our main, if not to say, our only goal.

Damián Ruiz
Psychologist (COPC) and Jungian Analyst (IAAP)
Director of IPITIA
Barcelona (Cat/ESP)
January, 2018

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