The AFOP® method to free yourself from Obsessions.

This is a book, with educational ends, aimed at those who suffer from an Obsessive Disorder, whether serious or not, at their family and friends and at those therapists, doctors, and psychologists who treat patients with these difficulties.

“To solve a problem which has been around for a while, you should change the standpoint from which you view it.”

Damián Ruiz

Director of IPITIA

ocd book

Freeing the Monkey, Saving the Princess

The AFOP® method. Overcoming obsessions and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

In this book you will find a new method which can help understand where an obsessive disorder comes from, which contents are most common and above all what changes you have to make so as to overcome it.

The AFOP® method developed by Damián Ruiz, psychologist and director at IPITIA, the International Psychological Institute of Barcelona, does not settle with surviving and living with obsessions, nor simply managing them; it has shown itself to be highly effective and lead to a complete or near complete remission of the disorder in a great number of cases, that is to say it cures OCD. It is written in language that is simple to understand and accessible, so as to help readers understand the origins of this disorder, how it takes hold and how to overcome it.

Book Index

  • What is an Obsessive Disorder?
  • What causes an Obsessive Disorder?
  • The pathological progression
  • Recurring content
  • Is the content of obsessive thoughts important?
  • What should a person who suffers from an obsessive disorder do?
  • What should the family of someone suffering from an obsessive disorder do?
  • A balanced life: the passion to live
  • Tradition as the root but not as the future.
  • Experimenting, transgressing.
  • Sexual morality.
  • Routine and fear: two forms of paralysis.
  • Inflexible thought versus open thought.
  • Pharmaceuticals, alternative medicine and nutrition.
  • Meditation, mindfulness and breathing.
  • The therapist’s role.
  • Reductionism: an important factor in overcoming an obsessive disorder.
  • Dionysian activation.
  • Why can an obsessive disorder be cured?
  • A fairytale as a symbol
  • What is my method for curing an obsessive disorder?
  • An example of therapeutic success.
  • Many patients: many cures.
  • The AFOP® method for the treatment of obsessive disorders.
  • Freeing the monkey and saving the princess?
  • Second part.
  • Epilogue

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