What is the AFOP Weekend Intensive?

The AFOP weekend Intensive is especially useful for those people who suffer from OCD, and live outside of Barcelona. It is developed for those who want to confront their OCD in a radical and conclusive way, in order to get a head start in their curing process.

During one weekend the participant will engage in different activities and therapeutic techniques aimed at releasing the inhibited factors of the personality that are currently causing anxiety and obsessive symptoms.

The program is based on the AFOP® methodology (Drive, Focalization and Activation), developed by Damián Ruiz, Psychologist (COPC), Jungian Analyst (IAAP) and director of IPITIA.

Benefits of the AFOP Weekend Intensive 

Why participate in the AFOP Weekend Intensive?

A point of inflection in the process of curing OCD.

The objective of the AFOP Weekend Intensive is to unblock the nervous system of the participant, which has collapsed due to anxiety, the inhibition or repression generated in a certain moment of their life, normally during adolescence or childhood.

Our main goal is that throughout the AFOP weekend intensive, you become conscientious of the elements that maintain the problem, that you gain the strength to carry out the necessary changes, and that you start, from the first day on, to successfully face your anxiety.

You will start to discover from the very first day what mental mechanisms and makeup are involved in your OCD. The exercises will lead you to connect with hidden or lost aspects of your personality, that are most likely liberating once you release them.

We use different tools and techniques but always specifically adapted to the participants. Games, theatre, vocal expression, symbolic exercises… All this aimed at creating a dynamic and active environment that leads the participant to connect with themselves again, to discover the origin and cause of their OCD, and above all to show the different possible pathways that lead to overcoming OCD for the specific participant.

How is the AFOP Weekend Intensive developed?

The AFOP weekend Intensive is a three-day long program in Barcelona which includes:

  • An individual session with Damián Ruiz, Director of IPITIA, as well as a session with your personal therapist at IPITIA (if applicable; i.e. if you’re currently in treatment with another member of the team at IPITIA.
  • Daily group therapy (our AFOP workouts
  • An individual follow-up session with Damían Ruiz one week later. Available online or in person.

The AFOP weekend Intensive can be a leap forward, both at the start of your therapy process as well as if you’ve already been in treatment for a longer period of time. 

For more information about the program please contact us

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A therapist can also call you for a free 15-minute consultation if you have any other questions about the AFOP weekend intensive. Please ask us about this option.

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How to subscribe

Please, contact us if you would like to subscribe.
The price includes:

  • 3 days of intensive therapy with an individual session in the morning of 1 hour and 4 hours of group session. 
  • A follow-up session (face-to-face or online) a week later to assess the results.
  • All materials included.

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Accommodation and food not included.
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